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Our Projects & Programs 

We believe there are many ways to enhance the lives of the youth in our communities. Through reading programs, playground projects, and supporting individual youth and other non-profit organizations, we are able to make a positive impact on the lives of the youth in  our communities.

Reading Programs

Bobby & Steve's Auto World Youth Foundation started its reading program in 2012 and is always looking for new opportunities to encourage our youth to read. Our reading events result in each child leaving with a new book and gives information on the importance of reading.  The Youth Foundation has an annual Read with Santa program in addition to various other reading programs around the Twin Cities.

Playground Projects

Helping communities build playgrounds that will be here for this generation and generations to come is one of the passions of Bobby and Steve's Auto World Youth Foundation. So far, playgrounds have been built in Minneapolis: 4th Avenue Playground, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Washburn Center for Children and in Columbia Heights: Husset Park. The Youth Foundation also helped to build a skateboard park in Bloomington. 

Individual Grants

We are able to help individual youth in the Twin Cities and surrounding communities work toward and achieve their goals and dreams by granting individual grants. The grants we give to individuals who apply range from helping to fund horseback riding lessons to helping to pay for camp tuition. We strive to do anything we can to help a young person achieve their goals. 
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